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In a unique location our highly skilled therapists are guided by your personal needs to balance mind and body
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A single session with one of our therapists can provide a deep state of relaxation, while relieving stress, tension, anxiety and pain. It's also the perfect way to finish off an active day!
situated at the Hilton Hotel Colymbridge next to the Cairngorm Mountaints
Situated within the beautiful grounds of the Hilton Coylumbridge in Aviemore, the Cairngorm Mountains provide a unique backdrop to our stunning location, offering a tranquil haven for peace and relaxation.
our thai spa therapist are fully qualified, accredited teachers
Our highly skilled therapists are fully qualified, accredited teachers and practitioners in Ancient Thai Massage and are certificated in many forms of treatments.
For spa bookings and enquiries: 01479 813088
Letsrelax Spa • The Thai Lodge • Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel • Aviemore • Scotland • PH22 1QN
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